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AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate Preparation Course 

Role assuming between two AWS accounts for Grafana access

  Role assume to make a Grafana access from one AWS account to another Let's gather initial information to understand what we have. Account A: 111111111111 with Grafana installed on EC2 instance with the role "arn:aws:iam::111111111111:role/aws-ecsInstanceAccess-role" attached to it. This role has...

[vCloud] Cannot start VM in vApp for some reason

  How to resolve problem, when you cannot start virtual machine in vApp From my experience, we had a situation, when happens power outage. As result a lot of vApp got a strange behavior. For example we cannot start virtual machines, or saw status "Running", but cannot connect to machine via RDP,...

What is @NonCPS annotation in Jenkins pipeline script

  What mean @NonCPS annotation in Jenkins pipeline CPS - Continuation-passing style. Style of programming in which code execution in the form of a continuation, waterfall style. Usually, execution pipeline code with a hard and complex logic occur some error, like NotSerializableException. Pipeline...

Fuck-ups & Bugs in Jenkins Groovy VMWare ELK Python Docker

This is will be a list of bugs that i found or mistakes that i do Jenkins Pipeline that simply copied from one job to another. In pipeline was included 'bat' section. In first job result was success, but in second we had a Failure status. Command execute correct but return Failure status. We even...

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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive (hmm, not sure) cloud computing services. You should learn it. EC2, CloudFormation, Lambda, BigData, and a lot more. All cool company used AWS.


You have a thousands of container and your ass in on fire when you managing it, Kubernetes help you. Create a cluster with few Nodes and you life will be like sweet chocolate. This one rushed into production like Formula 1 car.


If you didn’t hear about CI/CD, plz close this page 🙂 Jenkins – it’s a good tool for build automation CI/CD process. It’s an open-source automation server based on Java. Jenkins simple and at the same time powerful tool. Still has a lot of bugs and bottlenecks, but we are hopeless without it (exaggerating)


I didn’t met Go yet, but should discover opportunities with this language.


Docker had turned whole world upside down. It’s a computer program that provide a operating-system-level virtualization also known as containerization. Forgot about virtual machines – past it. Also docker has own orchestration tool called Docker Swarm, but no.. See up on Kubernetes.


Ansible is the simplest way to automate apps and IT infrastructure. Just wrote a playbook, and forgot about manual work, if you have thousand instance, you cannot allow yourself to do some manual work. Very useful tool to be honest, and you can use it on deployment, delivery, etc.


Virtualization…yes, based on hardware, the best way when you want to save all data on your servers. VMWare also provides cloud computing, even supports Kubernetes. Cool things if you wanna manage all and even more. If you cannot manage it – it brings a lot of problems.


Terraform – IaC (Infrastructure as Code). Like it so much. Write once and use it as much as you can. All your infrastructure should be described in code.
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