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How to resolve problem, when you cannot start virtual machine in vApp

From my experience, we had a situation, when happens power outage. As result a lot of vApp got a strange behavior. For example we cannot start virtual machines, or saw status “Running”, but cannot connect to machine via RDP, only using Console from browser.

In our case:

  1. vCloud, one organization
  2. One vApp “WindowsServer2012”
  3. Four virtual machines in vApp: “VM01”, “VM02”, “VM03”, “VM04”

I can connect to VM02-04, but when i tried connect to VM01 i got a network connection for some reason.

This is possible solution how we can resolve this problem:

  1. First of all you need to try restart hole vApp, not VM (In this case you update some network information, that can fix errors with network)
  2. If it’s not help, try to add additional NIC to VM: Right click on VM -> Properties -> Hardware -> (Scroll down)
  3. You will see a NIC that already added to VM, check off a box “Show network adapter”, click “Add” for new NIC and put the same network adapter type. Click Ok
  4. Wait until vCloud update you VM with new network interfaces
  5. After that restart hole vApp again, and try to log in via RDP to this VM. This should fix problems
  6. If you got a successfully result, delete this NIC that you created before. Done