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How to pass AWS SysOps Administrator – Associate exam

In this article, I’ll give you some advice that can be useful if you want to successful pass exam and be a Certified specialist.

Unfortunately, there no unique way of how to achieve this. Every people are different, some can watch one video course, memorize information and after one week go to Certified Centre and pass the exam, other need to prepare 6 month and tons of practice before trying exam.

Courses and Materials

In my case, I did it approximately in 3 months. But first of all about my background:

  • I didn’t have any AWS production experience at all.
  • From Amazon Web Services I use only EC2, S3, and VPC. No CloudWatch, no ECS, no Elasticache, no Lambda etc
  • My company where I working just give me a chance to prepare for the exam and return money if I successfully passed it.

I got access to LinuxAcademy (video courses, AWS live lab environment and practice exam with 60 questions). But also I bought Course preparation on Udemy from ACloudGuru, I also have an Official study guide from AWS and I bought a course with 6 practice tests with 65 questions each. Now I’ll give some feedback from each of these materials:

  1. LinuxAcademy – amazing platform with a lot of interesting unique contents. Regarding Cloud technologies, they have courses for AWS certification, Google Cloud, even Azure. The coolest thing – they give a live lab AWS console environment for practice.
  2. ACloudGuru – I watched course “AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate 2019”, for my opinion it’s better than courses from LinuxAcademy. I’ll explain why. Ryan Kroonenburg –  author this course shows topics that will be on the exam and give some tips that will be useful with questions that you faced on the exam.
  3. Official Study Guide from AWS – this is a very useful book, around 700 pages. With tons of interesting information, maybe some topics will be not relevant, but it’s approximately 10-15%.
  4. AWS SysOps Administrator Practice Exams – there are six practice exams with 65 questions each. It’s a must-have thing if you want to be confident in yourself.
  5. Whitepapers from AWS – six for seven small books around 50-80 pages each. Not very useful but you can read it just to know the best practices or common topics.

I spent around 2-3 hours every day after work and combine different resources, for example, LinuxAcademy and Books, ACloudGuru and Whitepapers. After you finish all this stuff I’d like to recommend starting to pass Practice exams. On real exam, I’ve approximately 4-5 questions very similar from this practice course. Each answer has explanations and links to AWS documentation.

Ok, so let’s imagine that you successfully finished all this stuff,  and ready to real AWS SysOps Administrator exam. But I would recommend you also try to pass the practice exam from AWS official certified site. Price 20$ and you got 20 questions. To be honest, in my case questions in practice exam was easier than real exam.