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Completely remove Kubernetes from machine on Centos

Simple way to uninstall Kubernetes and all packages from host machine.

Which of the following metrics do not get automatically reported to Amazon CloudWatch from Amazon EC2? (Choose 3)

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Disk utilization, SWAP, Free space on disk - it's a custom metrics for Cloudwatch.

You currently have Nginx webservers on EC2 instances which receive requests from your ELB. Those Nginx webservers return results from your PHP application. This application connects to an RDS database instance to read and write data. However, a few months ago, you realized that ElastiCache with Redis (cluster mode disabled) could reduce the load on your RDS database by caching some of the popular data. Fast-forward to today, and your ElastiCache Redis (cluster mode disabled) cluster is under a heavy read load and needs to scale. Which of these is the best way to scale your cluster?

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Using ElastiCache Redis you can scale only by adding read replicas to cache cluster.

In order to monitor operating system-level metrics such as disk usage, swap usage, and memory usage, you must install EC2 monitoring scripts. These scripts put custom metric data into Amazon CloudWatch. What do you need to do in order to give the instance permissions to put those custom metrics in CloudWatch?

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To send custom metrics to Cloudwatch need to install an agent for EC2 instance and assign an appropriate role to it.

You've created a CloudWatch alarm to monitor ElastiCache (memcached) evictions. The CloudWatch alarm begins to alert you that the number of evictions has surpassed your application's requirements. How might you go about resolving the high amount of evictions issue?

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Increasing size will help to add to free memory, which is the most likely cause of evictions.

QUIZ: AWS Monitoring and Metrics Concepts for the SysOps Administrator
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